Lawrence Park Cardiology and International Winter Arrhythmia Presents: Alcohol, Non-Cardiac Procedures, and Arrythmia Patients

Lawrence Park Cardiology and International Winter Arrhythmia school collaborated together to create our November 21 Patient-Centered Virtual Event. This event explored the topic of how arrhythmia patients should view alcohol and non-arrhythmia related procedures. With the holidays around the corner, this event addressed such topics like “holiday heart”, alternatives to alcohol for arrhythmia patients, and how non-cardiac procedures like MRIs may affect arrhythmia patients. Our event could not have been possible with the participation of our healthcare professionals.

Dr. Eugene Crystal, Dr. Adrian Baranchuk, Dr. William McIntyre, Dr. Blair Henry, and Suzette Turner, NP are here to help guide you on your cardiac health journey.

Recording of our event will be available soon!

Read about our event here and here!

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